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It's easy to be good at something you love!

I discovered photography as a teenager growing up in Virginia Beach.  Tidewater is an area full of diverse natural beauty and before long I was hooked!  My hobby proved fruitful in college, as I found lots of little freelance jobs to help with expenses. (Remember the days when everyone didn't have a great camera on their phone?) Eventually the needs of life put work and family first, so the hobby was the hobby and the bills were paid by the 9 to 5.


Flash forward a few years to an interesting conversation I had with a real estate agent.  She was frustrated by the lack of amazing online property marketing in a world where everything seemed to be online. An idea formed-  What if I could combine top quality photography with an easy interface that let the property be the focus?  So I went to work and built my idea from scratch as a basic HTML website that did just that. Word spread and my clients loved it!


Over the years I assembled a team of people much better at web design than myself in an effort to keep the product up to date and adapt to the changes in technology.

CHT Image Backup 967.jpg

Since 2005, we have been producing quality real estate Virtual Tours that shave time off listings and save legwork for our clients. Although the technology has evolved, our core principals of beautiful, easy to navigate presentations have remained. Every Tour produced has had floor plan navigation, no flashy effects, and has remained true to the original idea:  Keep the technology as transparent as possible and showcase the property- If it feels like a good fit they will call, if not, then time is saved by not showing them the property.


As a TourThru client, you get the latest Virtual Tour technology delivered in a simple to deploy, turn-key marketing product.  Give us a try, I'm sure you will be pleased with the results!

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