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Preparing for the Shoot

A well prepared property will photograph much better, resulting in a more attractive view for prospective buyers / tenants.  Most of this is similar to what you are already doing for showings:




  • Edit out extra furnishings as needed.

  • Check all lamps and fixtures, replacing bulbs as needed.

  • Switch off all ceiling fans so that only the lights will turn on.

  • Put away photos or documents that you may not want visible. (Large photos that are not practical to move will be blurred out in Tour production if requested.)

  • Make consideration for location of pets during shoot.

  • Remove or replace anything that is too "taste-specific".




  • Consider location of vehicles, particularly in the driveway.

  • Move garbage / recycling containers to a discreet location.

  • Remove outdoor tools such as lawn mowers, hoses, etc.

  • Store bikes, toys, etc. neatly in the garage or storage.

  • Mow and rake the yard, removing clippings from walkways.


Living Areas:


  • Remove or organize magazines and newspapers.

  • Open blinds or other window treatments equally.

  • Put away tv and stereo remotes.

  • Tuck trash cans out of sight.

  • Remove clutter from tables and bookshelves.




  • Clear counter tops and consider removing small appliances.

  • Remove photos, notes, and fun drawings from the refrigerator.

  • Clean and wipe down appliances and countertops.

  • Consider an accent such as a fruit bowl or flowers.

  • Tuck trash cans out of sight.


Dining Room:


  • Set the table with quality dinnerware.

  • Consider adding a pop of color with flowers or candles.

  • De-clutter sideboards and china cabinets.






  • Make all beds and tidy up or put away extra items.

  • Hang up or fold clothing that would be visible.

  • I like to include walk in closets, consider editing.

  • Remove clutter from night stands and dressers.




  • Clear countertops of medications, toothbrushes, etc.

  • Remove shampoo and other such products from bath area.

  • Place color appropriate towels neatly on towel rods.

  • I love cats, but relocating the litter box may be a good idea.

  • Check mirror and lighting fixtures for streaks.

  • Toilet lids should be closed.


At the shoot appointment, I will first do a walk-through, measuring for floor plan rendering, turning on all lights, and making shoot notes. Then I will start capturing images, turning off the lights as I finish. Average time on site for a 2500 sqft home is 1.5 to 2 hours. Participate or just relax and I'll do my thing- It's totally up to you.

For Virtual Tour Services:

If a floor plan of the property is available, please have it handy.  I will not need a hard copy, I will simply photograph it.  I can use that to create the Tour floor plan, saving on-site time.  If no printed floor plan is available, no problem, I will laser measure each room instead.

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